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Blog Post By: Scott Burton

Do I Need A Website?

Back in the early 90's, when the Web was just getting going, the quest...

Blog Post By: Scott Burton

So You've Decided To Compete With Amazon

You're selling online. Amazon is selling knockoffs and front-running y...

Blog Post By: Kerry Meisner

Quality vs. Quantity: Not All Leads Are Created Equal

The concept of quality vs. quantity continues to be an evolving concer...

Blog Post By: Caroline Sancken

It’s A Wonderful Report

Imagine this: You are on a beach, soaking in the sunshine, listening t...

Blog Post By: Tyler Burton

Who is Writing This Script? Hollywood, UX Design and the Future of Technology

  Before we can start thinking about how to improve the user experienc...

Blog Post By: Susan Kirksey

Designing Digital Solutions: How To Get The Most Out Of A Digital Agency

Blog Post By: Scott Burton

Meet The GDPR, Europe’s New Privacy Law

The GDPR is coming. What is it, and why should you care?  

Blog Post By: Bryan Williams

Be Smart: The Added Value of Third-Party Audiences

Third-party audiences are a vital tool for narrowing down advertising ...

Blog Post By: Bree Blackman

Back off, Bots: How Facebook Dynamic Creative Optimization Helps Humans

Some might not expect this, but as a design team that builds top perfo...

Blog Post By: Allison Taylor

Turn Inspiration Into Action With Pinterest Autoplay Video

Advertisers can now dynamically tell their brand stories in new ways t...

Blog Post By: Brad Goldberg

Snapchat: The New Frontier (Of Cost Efficiency?)

The time to buy Snapchat is now, and I’m not talking about their stock...

Blog Post By: Brad Goldberg

Snap Ads: The Best Of Television And Mobile Combined

Different from custom sponsored Geofilters and Lenses, Snap Ads give b...

Blog Post By: Bryan Williams

Don’t Spike Your Ad Spend: Smart Budget Allocation During The Super Bowl And Similar Events

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don...

Blog Post By: Scott Burton

Debugging Bias: Questioning The Ethics Of Digital

There was once an idyllic time for us nerds. It was a good gig we had ...

Blog Post By: Chris Graham

A Tool That Reallocates Your Ad Budget For Cost Efficiency

A prominent E-Commerce client came to HYFN as a sophisticated but nasc...

Blog Post By: admin

Q&A: How to Max Out Your Health and Fitness Marketing Potential

Let’s face it, everyone can make up any reason not to workout. So in a...

Blog Post By: Brad Goldberg

Retail Advertising: Find That Golden Balance of Scale and Efficiency

With over 1.7 billion users on Facebook, and the relatively low barrie...

Blog Post By: Laura Caccavo

How to Account Direct Like a Badass

In the history of the clichéd question “What do you want to be when yo...

Blog Post By: Ashley Heron

Finding Water: Being Good When Digital is Hard and the Living’s Easy

Welcome. You’ve joined an exciting digital agency. Your ability to cre...

Blog Post By: Harmony Streams

Notes From an Intern: A Sophomore Meets a Digital Agency

Remember that feeling growing up? The one when you step onto a new cam...

Blog Post By: Jonathan Miller

Brand Voice: When Changing a Word Doesn’t Change a Thing

As media evolves further into an interactive endeavor and brands subse...

Blog Post By: Gerald Tang

Notes From a Sales Guy: Four Ways to be in Sales and Not Your Team’s Nightmare

Roughly seven out of 10 workdays, I bring unsalted chicken and steamed...

Blog Post By: Kevin Delmotte

What Instagram Stories Means for Your Brand

Last week, Instagram introduced “Stories.” This new feature is almost ...

Blog Post By: Keith Mayoral

Are You Using the Wrong Mobile Deeplinks?

Suppose you receive a letter in the mail saying you’ve won an all expe...

Blog Post By: Chris Graham

Build a Brand, Not Just a Product

Imagine that the next ad you see is for Brown Sugar Water (BSW). BSW i...

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